Hi there! My name is Beth, I am a coffee addict, dog mom, and I love creating beautiful content for businesses. My whole life I wanted to find a job that combined my love for building and crafting, with my love for media arts, and after years of trial and error, I have found my home as the Creative Director and Stylist here at House of Rue. Every day (or close to everyday lol) I get to work with amazing brands helping them create beautifully branded content for their business. 
I love doing what we do here and love that my passion for creating can help other businesses grow their passion. With an amazing team of Stylists, Photographers, Videographers, and Social Media Specialists we work with brands big and small to elevate their content to the next level.
Here at House of Rue we know that it is hard to make an impact, build engagement, grow sales, and create a community all your own online. Managing all the moving parts of a business as well as staying focused on creative marketing is a lot of work. We believe in building relationships with our clients so that we understand your goals, your brand identity, and grow with you as your business grows. 


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