Also known as Rue, a family nickname I got as a baby (thanks Grandma)  I had always been a creative person and the only thing I knew was that my career needed to be creative as well. So fashion was going to be my ticket! This led me to spend my fair share of time interning in and around Toronto just waiting for my chance. I can't say I had the movie experience I was hoping for, but I did get to experience so much! From working fashion shows and assisting stylists, to working in a modeling agency and tackling public relations, I can't say my time was wasted.

Through all of this I found my love for what can only be described as 'Styling', but not in the traditional sense. I developed a love for creating beauty. Cheesy I know, but it can be captured in so many ways! Whether through curating props to capture that beautiful photograph, staging the perfect scene for your guests as they come to your event, or dressing a model to enhance her ability to showcase that perfect expression. There is a skill to being able to hear someone's wants and needs for a project and translate them into reality. After years of working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, I have learned that my passion for creating beauty can be used to help build business essentials. Elements like brand identity, awareness, and marketing, are all forms of expression that need to be showcased properly. 

It turns out that my love for pretty things can translate far past fashion, and has become something much more than I ever thought it could be. 


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