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Beth Rue is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist that launched House of Rue in 2016 when she realized that Photography and Styling allowed her to be as creative as she wanted, using any artistic medium she could dream up. 

Whether it's building props and backdrops from scratch, playing with different lighting techniques, or infusing whimsical themes into current brands, everyone at House of Rue gets to explore their creative imagination.

House of Rue was created to provide an inclusive, creative space for entrepreneurs. Collaborating with other creatives to plan and execute beautiful visual stories for client brands and products.

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Creative Consultations NOW OPEN!

Book a 45 min consultation with Beth today.

Struggling to come up with unique on brand creative ideas for you business? Click the link below to learn more and book your consult with Beth Rue.

Creative Consultations NOW OPEN!

Have you ever looked at your marketing material and just had no idea what to post?
Maybe you sell a product that can be tricky to style and photograph so you aren't sure what to do for marketing? Our Creative Consultations gives you a chance to have a fresh set of eyes on your brand and product and help you come up with a plan to create beautiful, unique content.
Cover topics like...


  • How to infuse your brand into your content

  • What kind of styling techniques are best for showcasing your product

  • Content ideas to connect with your audience and promote your brand

  • Insider tips and tricks to style your product like a pro 

Book a 45 min consultation with Beth today.


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