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Top 5 - What's in my Style Kit

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Here is a list of the top 5 items I cant live without in my style kit. Lets get right into it!

1. Sticky Tack

This is straight up magic and a lifesaver when on set. If you have a product that tends to roll, don't stress yourself out by trying to balance it on your set. TACK IT!

If you are building up a more complex set and need things to stick together to support one another... TACK IT!

CON of sticky tack? It ends up everywhere! It is not uncommon to find tiny little balls of sticky tack all over our studio haha It can also melt when left under heat for too long.

You can find this at almost every dollar store or craft store but we also attached a link below so you can add it to your kit today!


2. Fishing Line

Fishing line is a great tool to use whenever you are looking elevate a product in an image. Its super durable, can hold a lot of weight and easy to edit out of your final image!

It comes in different widths depending on how much weight you need it to carry.

Fishing line works best when paired with Sticky Tack. Use the fishing line to elevate and the sticky tack to keep the base in place.


3. Fan Makeup Brush

Now hear me out. This may seem odd but it is great for getting into those tiny little areas and clearing out unwanted items.

Things like sprinkles, confetti, sand, etc. can get messy quickly and sometimes using your hands can make things worse.

Avoid leaving finger prints, moving objects to fit your hands in the shot to remove something, or accidently moving something else.

Its a great little tool you don't know you need till suddenly you do!


4. Makeup Wedges

Keeping with the makeup tools, sponge wedges are a fantastic little tool for changing the elevation of a product.

Shout out to those with shiny packaging! You need this! If you have every tried to photograph a very shiny bag you know how hard it can be to avoid reflections over your beautiful branded packaging.

Being able to add a couple wedges underneath your packaging to balance out the light reflections can be a GAME CHANGER on set and trust us, you or your photographer will thank you for making the editing less difficult.


5. Microfiber Cleaning Towels

This is a MUST HAVE if your product is made of glass or you have to use glass props often. There are very few things as frustrating as shooting a beautiful image, getting to your computer loading it up and realizing there is a big fat finger print on your product, no thank you!

Before you place your items in your shot give it a shoot wipe down with a microfiber cloth to avoid any residue like finger prints or dust that you'll just have to edit out later.

They are also great to use around your studio to make sure the props you are using are super clean.

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